Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Progress being made

Managed to get two afternoons in so far this week, got all my fruit canes in place now, gathered quite a few up that were scattered around the plot and a few from home that have been in pots all summer as I had nowhere for them to go.

Soft fruit canes

Shed end of the plot

The smaller bed at the front of the picture above is going to be split between herbs and flowers to be cut and brought and home for cooking/decoration.

View from the end of the plot

Not a lot has changed this end of the plot, the keener eye may notice that an apple tree and a pear tree have gone in, this end of the plot is prone to water logging, I don't know how bad yet, we'll see. This part of the plot will be home to the two trees and a seating area to look back at the plot facing the sun after a hard days graft, and the car park.

They are a friendly bunch up at 'the nook', a few plot holders have been and introduced themselves and commented on how well I'm doing, not sure if they are just trying to keep my enthusiasm up ;)

Hopefully the weather stays kind tomorrow and I can get another few hours in.

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