Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rediscovering my form

Finally we have a bit of decent weather so it was high time I got out in the garden and started working on form and stamina.  It's been a long time and on the few occasions I have shot recently I'm beginning to lose my form after as little as 2 dozen arrows.

So the aim for now is to bring that strength and muscle memory back up to speed and work on the magic formula of the set up and routine of the shot.  The former is my main concern at the minute as I am waiting for a new thumb release to arrive and am still using my wrist release currently, so obviously my routine will be changing soon. 

I'm not shooting for scores yet, not even sight marks as it's pretty pointless until my set up is finalised.  I had an hour or so in the garden this afternoon at between 10 & 20 meters with very pleasing results.  I am concentrating on my set up i.e stance and pre shot routine.  Then holding the sight (once drawn) in the gold and trying to keep it steady for approx 5 seconds prior to release, I figure this will help my strength and stamina and keep me away from punching the trigger as soon as I wander into the gold.

I wasn't writing any scores down but after an hour I was probably averaging about 28.5 per 3 arrows @ 20m I'm happy with that for now.

Cant wait to get going with the thumb release once it arrives, and looking forward to the new Mybo stabilisers from Merlin which are out any time now, then I'll be working on the rest of that routine and finally getting some sight marks down.

Merlin XT


Quite a lot of water has passed since I last wrote, cycling is no longer a part of my life, I'm still a fan of pro cycling and will continue to watch, but riding a bike no longer gave me the buzz I require from a hobby.

So a clear out of the shed and bottom draw in the wardrobe, 4 bikes, loads of parts and accessories and a draw full of clothing have gone, yes even the beloved Project Peugeot.  I did finish the Peugeot, took her out for one ride and then dismantled her.  The sad fact is the bike was worth much more as parts than a complete bike.

I will also maintain my presence with Beeston CC as a paid up member as that club has a fond place in my heart having being with them from their early days and being a big part in the first 2 or 3 years of existence.

So what replaces the bike you may be asking....... well I have returned to a previous passion of mine, archery.  This was partly fueled by my son who enjoys the sport and wanted to get more involved, the thought of doing something with him really was a big persuader.  Plus I felt that after leaving the sport 4 years ago just as I was getting good I have some unfinished business, and plans to shoot in national shoots, something I never got round to before.  I am looking forward to getting out there with my lad and achieving those ambitions.