Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Monday 17 October, One in the bank

Working nights this week and away at the weekend so not sure when I'm going to find time to ride the bike, with yesterday being my only free day I took the opportunity to get at least one ride in the bank for the week.  Luckily Sundays ride was quite leisurely so I had plenty in the legs for a spin round one of my old 50ish mile routes into South Derbyshire.

It was a breezy day which some of the outward journey tougher than it needed to be, the first half of the route was also on rolling terrain out to Repton.  Then it was onto the flats and Etwall and Hilton, once turned around and heading east towards home it was flat and the wind was on my back.  Averaged over 30kph for the last hour of the ride, it was a real treat.

Distance = 83.5 km
Time = 3 hrs 7 mins
Ave Speed = 26.8 kph
Ascent = 632 m  (m/km =7.6)

Road Bike = 3637.9 km
Single Speed = 102.2 km
Fixed = 26 km
Indoor = 105.6 km
Total = 3871.7 km

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