Thursday, 8 January 2009

Which Bike?

Stumbled across a 'Dirty Jo' frame whilst looking for some new forks and bagged myself a bargain, now I'm facing the dilemma of which bike to take on the c2c, do I take the Giant full susser or the hard Tail 'DJ', which bike to I build up to be the number one machine???

At the moment I'm thinking the DJ, it's a super light frame and maybe the hard tail is better suited to this not so rough ride, most of my fitness work is done on the river/canal banks and I hope to get some man made trails in at Cannock Chase so the DJ is probably more suited to my main usage, just keep the NRS for my hacking around on the rough stuff.

Of course money is the biggest factor right now in our current financial climate so I haven't got loads of cash to throw at building up the Dirty Jo, so compromises on both set ups will have to be made.......oh what to do...........

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