Thursday, 8 January 2009

7th January 2009

Home - Along Trent to Holme Pierrepont and Back

Distance = 23.1 miles
Time = 2 hrs 20 mins
Cadence = 80
Ave Speed = 9.9 mph
Top Speed = 16.7 mph
Weather = Overcast, dry, 3c

I've been far too lazy over the winter with only a few very short hacks close to home, time to get going proper again, too much today if I'm honest but hey ho.

Aiming to do around 50 miles per week at the moment until I get back into it properly, the c2c will see mileage of around 35-40 per day but obviously there will be some big hills involved so I want to be covering a 60 mile ride (with hills) at least once a week along with a couple of 30 milers as I approach the big day.

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