Thursday, 7 May 2009

Home - Beeston Marina - Trent Lock ( River Trent) - Sandiacre (Route 67) - Home

Distance = 13.8 miles
Time = 1 hrs 17 mins
Cadence = 74?
Ave Speed = 10.6 mph
Top Speed = 17.4 mph
Weather = Sunny, dry, 16c

Short ride to get back into things, 13.8 miles but rode it hard into the wind took it easier with the tail wind. Through Attenborough nature reserve, along the trent to Trent Lock, took the canal (route 67) up to Sandiacre and back home through Toton sidings.

Not sure about the cadence as it seemed to pack up near the end of the ride, fingers crossed it's ok next time out.

Need to build up to 50 mile distance for the 21st June and the Great Nottingham bike ride ( )

(Pic shows Radcliffe Power Station across the Trent)

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