Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday 26th July 09 - MTB

Up the Nutbrook Trail to Shipley Park, looped round the old American adventure site and back into Shipley Park, took the trail right to the top of Shipley Hill woods, had a quick bimble around the woods before heading off for a loop of Mapperly Reservior and then a back track through the woods back onto the Nutbrook trail to Long Eaton and onto Trent Lock, then home via Atenborough Nature reserve.

It's been a while since the MTB has been rolled out of the shed so I was looking forward to some off road action. Had a good knock around Shipley Park an old favourite of mine, up a couple of sharp hills on the estate before heading for Trent Lock and back home. Couple of links below with info of area's of todays route....

Nutbrook Trail

Shipley Park

And as usual.....

View the route on Bikely

The view from the top of Shipley Hill

Distance = 31.9 miles
Time = 2 hrs 35 mins
Ave Speed = 12.2 mph
Top Speed = 25.4 mph
Weather = Showers, 17c

MTB = 579.5
Road Bike = 145.6
Total Milage = 725.1

Heart Rate High = 184
Heart Rate Ave = 146
Calorie's Burnt = 3237.0
Fat Burn = 389.79

Now that I have a heart rate monitor I will publish stats from this when used.

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