Monday, 5 October 2009

Monday 5th October *Road*

Decided to have a crack at the 10 mile TT that Beeston CC joins VC Long Eaton in on Tuesday evenings during the summer months. Work means I can't get out to ride of an evening very often so I'll have to do most of my attempts at it on my own.

Stats for the total ride including ground covered on the TT course

Distance = 29.3 miles
Time = 1 hrs 40 mins
Ave Speed = 17.7 mph
Top Speed = 30.5 mph
Hillometer = 27.9 ft/mile
Weather = Sunny 12c

MTB = 602.6
Road Bike = 541.3
Total Mileage = 1143.9

Route to Kingston

Kingston 10 TT Course

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