Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sunday 4th October *Road*

Not been out this week due the fact I've been trying to get to the bottom of my egg shortage from the chickens in the garden, but that's a different story.....

Took a new(ish) member out for a spin this morning, Steve was good company and made good pace on his hybrid bike. Took the usual run out through Kegworth, Diseworth on to Melbourne, Ticknal, Repton and back home.

Look forward to seeing Steve out again soon on his spanking new road bike :-)

Distance = 43.3 miles
Time = 3 hrs 30 mins
Ave Speed = 12.4 mph
Top Speed = 29.9 mph
Hillometer = 25.6 ft/mile (Approx)
Weather = Sunny 6 - 10c

MTB = 602.6
Road Bike = 512.0
Total Mileage = 1114.6

Heart Rate High = 189
Heart Rate Ave = 107
Calorie's Burnt = 1541.0
Fat Burn = 60.14

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