Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Beer Belly & No Bike

Well, had a great holiday, ate well and drank well.......... weather was very kind and no I resisited, I did not get on a bike, to be honest it was too hot, I don't fancy riding with 40c+ beating down on me.

Any how I'm back and so is the beer belly I've been working at getting rid of, so that little job has to start again, the sit up and press up's programmes will help with that.

What's really bugging me though is that Evans cycles would appear not to carry Bottom Brackets in stock?? They have had my 6 week old bike back in twice because of the BB, at present they have had the bike for two weeks to replace it, but they dont have the part in stock and are awaiting it's arrival, I'm getting quite impatient right now, as Freddie Mercury once said, I want to ride my bicycle.

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