Thursday, 3 September 2009

Waterside Bimble *MTB

3 1/2 weeks, plenty of beer and too much food since I last rode out and it felt like it too.

Followed the canal from Beeston Marina into the centre of Nottingham, then down along London Road to Trent Bidge, under some thing called the "Trent End" shortly after that I saw the local netball team training, not sure which one it was but I know it wasn't the County team...... a lap of the regatta at Holme Pierrepont and back along the Trent to Attenborough and home, the ride home from HP was a struggle into a strong headwind but proved to be a good work out.

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Distance = 23.1 miles
Time = 1 hrs 49 mins
Ave Speed = 12.6 mph
Top Speed = 20.1 mph
Hillometer = 1.1 ft/mile
Weather = Overcast, 12c

MTB = 602.6
Road Bike = 237.5
Total Milage = 840.1

Heart Rate High = 170
Heart Rate Ave = 145
Calorie's Burnt = 2072.1
Fat Burn = 266.61

My road bike is finally ready for collection after having the BB replaced under warranty so I'm looking forward to getting out with the Beeston CC crew very soon.

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