Sunday, 17 January 2010

First club ride in a while *Road*

I've not been out any where near as much as I should have been over winter so was looking forward to this club ride.

Looked out the windows this morning to see ice..... shit, not what I wanted to see. With plenty of layers on I nervously took to the road. Met 3 Steve's, Ian, Paul and Frenchie and headed of to pick Charlie up.

First hill of the day nearly did for me to be honest, too much food on my Birthday meal last night and it felt like it wanted to see daylight again, so I continued gingerly, after about 10 minutes I felt fine again and the next couple of hills caused me no bother at all. Unfortunately we manged to loose 1 Steve & consiquently lost Paul who went to find Steve, not a great thing to do!!

So at the half way point of the ride we about turned and headed home. Apart from the embarrasing loss of two riders it was a nice ride out and nice to get out with the club again.

Got to say as well, I'm very impressed with my club shirt and winter jacket, kept me nice and snug and kept the wind out :)

Distance = 36.4 miles
Time = 2 hrs 36 mins
Ave Speed = 13.2 mph
Top Speed = 34.2 mph
Hillometer = ? ft/mile
Heart Rate High = 196
Heart Rate Ave = 138
Weather = Overcast with sunny spells 2c

MTB = 12.7
Road Bike = 36.4
Total Mileage = 49.1

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