Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday 26th January *Road*

Made the mistake today of not having a break half way round and suffered in the last 10 miles home, should have stopped especially seeing as I'm out of shape and practice, but still I made it round and got some miles under my belt. Took a variation of the usual Repton route, taking in Belton and Newton Solney as the outer points of the route.

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Distance = 48.2 miles
Time = 3 hrs 15 mins
Ave Speed = 14.8 mph
Top Speed = 34.5 mph
Hillometer = 33.2 ft/mile
Heart Rate High = 181
Heart Rate Ave = 144
Weather = Overcast, 2c

MTB = 12.7
Road Bike = 84.6
Total Mileage = 97.3

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