Thursday, 28 January 2010

Half Way There!

Finally finished the second large veg bed, seems to have taken an age what with a greenhouse going up and the bad weather to contend with but it's done now :) That marks the half way point on the digging and getting the beds ready for spring.

2 veg beds down.....2 to go

Shed/Tea room

So two more large beds to dig over, the next one won't be too bad but the last could well prove to be hard work as most of does not seem to have been dug over for quite some time.

It was nice to get out and do some gardening with the sun on my back, it's been a tough winter so far with another cold spell predicted, at least the freshly turned soil may get a good frost or two into it.

Also transplanted some Horseradish from the garden at home along with a large Rhubarb crown which was split before planting on plot 71, can't wait to harvest and 'crumble' that!

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