Monday, 4 January 2010

Team Sky Launch Ride

As you are aware I won a ride with Team Sky at their Launch today in London, it was all cloak and dagger stuff, go to the center of London and wait for a text message at 07:30, the time came and I got my message, "Jubilee Gardens by the Millenium Wheel" too good to be true I'm thinking at this time, this must be the 'elite' group containing Wiggo, 3 groups would ride to one point, the wheel HAD to be the elite group surely. I was in Hyde Park so it was only a 10 minute ride to the wheel via her maj's gaff.

Whilst waiting at the wheel I noticed Mr Brailsford was present, this has to be Wiggo's group. Then the Sky Sports team and cameras arrive just as us lucky ones are registering on to the ride, come 08:30 and the pro's start to arrive, Geraint Thomas first accompanied by Serge Pauwels, Kjell Carlstrom and someone who's name escapes me, where was he? As Sky interview Thomas and I lurke in the background Mr Wiggins arrives, yes we did get the plum group, again I lurke as Wiggo is interviewed for Sky and we are told we will ride to The Mall via a short circuit through the City.

Once at the Mall where all three rides joined up we did 3 laps of St James park riding up The Mall each time, then on to the promotion tents for the freebies. The official presentation was not until Midday and I needed to get back, but I done what I wanted to do, I rode with Brad Wiggins and Geraint Thomas!! What an experience, thanks to Team Sky for letting me be there.

Logged it as it's my first ride of the year....

Distance = 12.7 miles
Time = ? mins
Ave Speed = 10.4 mph
Top Speed = 23.4 mph
Hillometer = ? ft/mile
Weather = Sunny -4c

MTB = 12.7
Road Bike = 0
Total Mileage = 12.7

Heart Rate High = ?
Heart Rate Ave = ?
Calorie's Burnt = ?
Fat Burn = ?

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