Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Scrap the VAT

On line petition set up to pursuade No 10 to scrap the vat on bikes accessories and parts.

"There's been a lot of talk lately of the impending price rises affecting Bikes & cycling equipment that are going to take effect in 2009 and the way those rises are likely to impact cyclists.

We've already recently discovered the the UK Government doesn't have the ability to make any changes to the amount of import duty charged on Bicycles imported into the UK as that's all controlled by Europe. However, one thing they do still have control of is VAT.

So I've set up an online petition asking the Prime Minister to do the following:

Zero rate VAT on Bicycles & Tricycles valued over £129

Zero rate VAT on all Bicycle safety equipment (not just helmets)

Reduce (Special rate) VAT to 5% for all Bicycle parts, components & accessories.

The Petition runs until February 8th 2009 and if there's any chance of having some success we need to get as many signatures as we can!

It will take you all of 2 minutes to sign the Petition, your details won't be used for any nefarious purpose and you'll potentially be doing a great thing for Cycling in the UK.

There have been a couple of similar Petitions started lately but none of them have gotten anywhere near the required amount of support - please don't let that happen again! For this to be effective we need to get as many people as we possibly can behind this Petition.

That's me done. Please sign the petition!"

Scrap the VAT blog


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