Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Burton Bimble 29th June 09

Had a ride out with my mate Aidey (Ratfighter) round Bretby Ticknall Melbourne area's, had a spill on a downhill section and managed to expose some flesh on my lower leg and I have a lovely bruise on my hip, also managed to damage my wrist in the fall, hopefully its just a sprain, didn't spoil the ride though.

Today did make me realise how few hills there are around my place and my usual rides, whilst I made them all (slowly admitidly) I certainly need to do some hill work.

Very enjoyable ride out and I will deffo be hooking up with Ratty again if he'll have me.

Distance = 26.7 miles
Time = 2 hrs 50 mins
Ave Speed = 9.4 mph
Top Speed = 34.8 mph
Weather = Overcast- Sunny Spells, dry, 28c

MTB = 547.6
Road Bike = 0
Total Milage = 547.6

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