Monday, 1 June 2009

Sun 31st May 09

Round Breedon + a bit more

Distance = 41.1 miles
Time = 3 hrs 45 mins
Ave Speed = 10.9 mph
Top Speed = 30.9 mph
Weather = Sunny 25c

Total Milage = 339.4

Out early doors to avoid the pounding sun, was still 25c when I arrived home at 11:30am!!

Added to last weeks ride by staying on the Cloud Trail to Derby and back along route 6 to Long Eaton then home. Going to stick to this route but adding a few miles to it each week until the Great Nottingham Bike Ride, next week I will add a couple of miles between Donington and Wilson by going out to Melbourne to pick up the Cloud Trail towards Worthington. It's a good route as it offers a few hills and some off road, when up to 50 miles it will be a tougher ride than the one I'm preparing for.

New speedo purchased, much better quality than the Tesco special, only thing though it doesn't give an ave on the cadence, I can still check my rate though.

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