Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride - Sun 21st June 09

Distance = 51.5 miles
Time = 3 hrs 45 mins
Ave Speed = 13.7 mph
Top Speed = 23.3 mph
Weather = Overcast- Sunny Spells, dry, 19c

Total Mileage = 520.9

Well that went very well indeed, I'd planned to do the ride inside 4 1/2 hrs at an ave of 11.1mph minimum, ended up well inside that.

At 19 miles I heard an ominous 'twang' from the back wheel, looked down and yes I'd lost a spoke, the wheel had a slight wobble. At 21 miles just as I entered Newark 'twang' another one the wheel was now all over the place. I took my feet out of the cleats incase I needed to make a quick exit from the bike and rode the last 29 miles without the cleats making the going a little harder.

I was worried the back wheel would not see the ride out but carried on as I'd not come this far to give up!!!

At 31 miles I had a breather, drink and a few Jelly Babies and off I went again, at around 35 miles I got my second wind and started pushing for home, at the 40 mile mark I passed a psychological barrier and felt I was nearly there, the last 2 miles I just pushed harder and harder to the line, 3 hours and 45 minutes after passing the start/finish line I was there again and this time feeling rather pleased with myself.

This has given me a taste for organised events and the challenge that comes with taking part, I think this is the first of many for me.

Start/Finish Line for the GNBR 2009

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