Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tuesday 24 May *Time Trial

Forgot to blog this last week..... A windy evening in West Leak was not going to produce a 10 mile TT PB for me, what it did provide though was a good work out for just over half an hour, I judged my effort better than my previous attempt a month ago, but with the windy conditions I was still a hefty distance outside my PB and still too far away from a sub 30 min time, 31:01 on the night.

Distance = 32 miles
Time = 1 hrs 45 mins
Ave Speed = 18.1 mph
Top Speed = 33.0 mph
Hillometer = N/A
Max H/R = N/A
Ave H/R = N/A

Weather = Windy, Overcast, 12c

Road Bike = 912.4
Single Speed = 38.5
Indoor = 44.4
Total Mileage = 995.3

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