Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Grounded & Frustrated

Illness has grounded me this week, picked up some kind of sickness bug/infection, was sick as a dog Monday night and since yesterday I feel as though a bus has ran me over, full of aches and pains right now....

I attempted to true a slightly 'out' wheel on Monday, it ended in huge failure and a trip to TS Bikes to fix it, put the wheel back in this afternoon, uprighted the bike and applied the rear brakes and BANG the whole unit let go flying all over my shed, an hour later it was all back together.

I'm not overly pleased with the build quality of my brand new Trek road bike, firstly the BB has to be repalced after 2 attempts to repair it, all within 250 miles use, then the rear wheel develops a wobble within 300 miles without visiting any pot holes, and now the brakes explode into pieces..... I expected better from Trek to be honest.

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