Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday 17th September 09 *Road*

Took a hillier route today including that bugger Heath Lane that caught me with my pants down last week, and guess what....................... I did it, chuffed to bits, my confidence with the hills is beginning to grow a little now. 41 miles with not a lot of flat to break it up, it was up and down most of the way, 40 ft per mile on the Hillometer is a new high for me although still a long way to go.

Also racked up my 1000th mile since been back on the bike today which was pleasing, just hope that it is the first of many 'K's' I'll complete.

The ride itself was out to Kegworth on the usual route, Diseworth towards Peggs Green before dropping into Worthington and Breedon, from Breedon to Calke past the resoviour and up Heath Lane, onto Ticknall, Melbourne, Kings Newton, round the back of the race track into Castle Donington and home. Heading in that direction I'm not going to get much hillier than 40 *fpm, heading into Leicestershire doesn't offer much either, nor does Nottinghamshire, so a few trips Derbyshire way beckon for some hills.

'Breedon from Worthington'

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Distance = 40.9 miles
Time = 2 hrs 39 mins
Ave Speed = 15.4 mph
Top Speed = 37.5 mph
Hillometer = 40.1 ft/mile
Weather = Overcast, 13c

MTB = 602.6
Road Bike = 419.9
Total Mileage = 1022.5

Heart Rate High = 188
Heart Rate Ave = 139
Calorie's Burnt = 2761.9
Fat Burn = 346.40

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