Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mon 14th September 09 *Road*

50 Miles - Sub 3hrs

Two objective's completed today, first time over 50 miles proper on a ride and my main target was to do the 50 in under 3 hours, I know I'm capable of achieving 40+ miles at an average of around 16.7 mph, just had to do 50 miles at that pace.

Did I do it? ............ Only just is the answer, 2hrs 58 mins and 58 seconds to 50 miles, to say I was pleased would be an understatement. I kept good pace and at the hourly check points I was bang on target 1 hr = 16.6 miles, 2 hrs = 33.4 miles and 3 hrs = 50.3 miles. It's a shame that the last two miles brought my ave speed just below the 50 miles/3 hr pace, but I was pooped.

Scene of a 'natural break' (behind the bus stop not in it)

The ride itself was a variation of a familier route to get the 50 in of the usual loop I took the Kegworth , Belton diversion and at the far end of the ride a loop of Hilton and Etwall was added. Lumpy for the first half of the ride and a nasty 15mph headwind for the last 15 miles made the end goal even more satisfying. I can now use this ride as a benchmark against my performance over this distance.

View Route on Bikely

Distance = 52.1 miles
Time = 3 hrs 8 mins
Ave Speed = 16.6 mph
Top Speed = 35.1 mph
Hillometer = 26.8 ft/mile
Weather = Overcast, 16c

MTB = 602.6
Road Bike = 379.0
Total Mileage = 981.6

Heart Rate High = 180
Heart Rate Ave = 145
Calorie's Burnt = 3588.7
Fat Burn = 459.81

P.S. I should add that Robinsons Hill was tackled and conquered today with relative ease :-)

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