Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday 10th September 09 *Road*

Made the route up as I went along up to Ticknal, which was great in one respect, jus taking a left or right whenever it takes your fancy, but on the bad side it may be better to prepare so you don't get lumbered with a killer hill, which I did. The route didn't take me via Robinsons Hill at Melbourne but it put me up 'Heath Lane' a long drag out of Calke towards Ashby de la Zouch.

Ratcliffe Lane

View from top of Heath Lane

Prior to that it was a nice ride out through Kegworth, Diseworth, round the back of Worthington and Newbold throught the Staunton Harold estate. And following my Heath Lane mishap the ride was just as pleasent onto Ticknal, Repton, Willington and the usual run home.

Willington Power Station in the distance

I'm going to have to have a crack at the Beeston CC Hill's route to begin to conquer my hill demons.......

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Distance = 49.1 miles
Time = 3 hrs 5 mins
Ave Speed = 15.7 mph
Top Speed = 35.9 mph
Hillometer = 30.8 ft/mile
Weather = Sunny, 18c

MTB = 602.6
Road Bike = 326.9
Total Milage = 929.5

Heart Rate High = 190
Heart Rate Ave = 141
Calorie's Burnt = 3386.0
Fat Burn = 427.83

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